Transfer to Industry
Centre Technique du Papier
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Integrated Smart Systems
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CTP promotes innovations and developments in the paper and printing industries. Thus it participates in the integration of new technologies, as Printed Electronics, into its partners’ businesses. CTP has the aim of opening the printed electronics world to traditional printers by upgrading their competencies while keeping their high volume processes. It consists of adapting printed electronics elements as electroluminescence, RFID, NFC, flexible printed circuit… to various players e.g. packaging.

Advantages of CTP :

  • Dedicated to industrial transfer and applied solutions: from lab to fab
  • Deep knowledge of the printing specificity
  • Working in all main high speed and industrial printing processes available on the market (flexo, offset, gravure, inkjet, screen)
  • Possibilities of operating at different steps of the development chain: design, ink formulation, printability (lab, pilot and industrial trials)
  • A large network of involved printers and electronics partners