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PrintoCent Seminar

Sustainable World with Printed Intelligence Products seminar


13.07.2021 09:29

Jana Mwangi

Training Webinar

Webinar "Sensing Technologies and Devices in Flexible Form" by CENTI


09.07.2021 19:08

António Marques

Electronic Skin Patches

The most comprehensive assessment on the commercialization of flexible, wearable, smart skin patches


02.07.2021 10:31

Jana Mwangi


The next PrintoCent Industry Seminar - PRINSE’22 will be held 26.-27.1.2022


24.06.2021 14:38

Jana Mwangi

Global Market for FE

The Global Market for Flexible and Printed Electronics 2021-2031


24.06.2021 10:28

Jana Mwangi

Smart Sustainable Marina

Open call “Smart Sustainable Marina”


14.06.2021 07:21

Jana Mwangi

Future of Electronics

Join Digital event "Is Paper the future of Electronics?" on 15th June at 11:00 am CEST.


14.06.2021 07:13

Jana Mwangi

PrintoCent InnoFest 2021

To boost ideation and business around printed intelligence, PrintoCent Community will host already the 7th PrintoCent InnoFest in Oulu, Finland.


07.06.2021 21:21

Jana Mwangi

Photonics Market Data

Photonics Market Data and Industry Report 2020


04.06.2021 10:33

Jana Mwangi

OE-A Competition 2022

New ideas, prototypes, and designs in the area of organic and printed electronics are what the OE-A is looking for in its annual competition.


03.06.2021 11:57

Jana Mwangi

Webinar “Biosensors"

Webinar “Printed Sensors and Biosensors” by EURECAT


30.05.2021 12:21

Jana Mwangi

Advanced& Digitalised text

The International Forum on Advanced and digitalised Smart Textiles (IFAST) will take place online, on 15 and 16 June 2021


04.05.2021 12:43

Korinna Mollá Latorre

OE-A Web-Seminar Series

Printed Electronic Insights: OE-A Competition 2021 - The winners April 15, 2021 15:30 – 17:00 (CEST)


01.04.2021 23:25

Jana Mwangi

FLEPS 2021

The IEEE International Conference on Flexible, Printable Sensors and Systems (FLEPS 2021)


18.03.2021 14:43

Jana Mwangi

InPrint Munich

5th International Exhibition of Print Technology for Industrial Manufacturing 22 – 24 June 2021 | Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany


16.03.2021 08:18

Jana Mwangi

CEA's Virtual Tour

Take a tour through CEA`s Labs and learn more about technologies that can be used for printed and flexible electronics.


12.03.2021 14:36

Jana Mwangi

VTT's Virtual Tour

Take a tour through VTT's Labs in Oulu, Finland and learn more about technologies that can be used for printed and flexible electronics.


12.03.2021 14:28

Jana Mwangi

Inkjet Academy

Covers the theory behind the inkjet technology used today, giving your understanding of the industry.


11.03.2021 09:14

Jana Mwangi

InnoLAE 2021 Online

An introduction to InnoLAE 2021 Online by Programme Committee Chair Chris Rider and organiser Tim Phillips


11.03.2021 08:58

Jana Mwangi

Short training programmes

Micro and Nanotechnology


01.03.2021 11:15


Swiss ePrint 2021

The Swiss Conference on Printed Electronics and Functional Materials.


24.02.2021 02:21

Jana Mwangi

Course- Flex Electronics

The course on September 8, 2021 will be held at the venue of the Swiss ePrint Conference in Buchs.


24.02.2021 02:16

Jana Mwangi

EURECAT's Virtual Tour

Take a tour through EURECAT's Labs and learn more about technologies that can be used for printed and flexible electronics.


23.02.2021 11:33

Jana Mwangi

Printable Electronics@CPI

CPI offers world class, open access capability for the scale up and commercialisation of new, innovative printed electronic products and applications.


22.02.2021 09:11

Flex, Printed and Sensors

9th Germany-Japan Joint Workshop - "Flexible, Printed Electronics and Sensors"


21.02.2021 23:02