Printed Metal Surfaces
OrelTech GmbH
OrelTech is a pioneer in the field of advanced metallization techniques. Our metallization inks enable cost-efficient electrodes, electronic shielding, catalytic surfaces and metallic coatings that can be applied to almost any surface materials and shapes. We develop conductive inks and fluids without the usual addition of metallic nanoparticles. All known printing methods like aerosol spray, inkjet, slot-die and dip-coating are compatible with ORELTECH’s silver, gold, and other inks series.
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Prototypes of electrodes or functional metal layers on a variety of substrates. A lot of control over many metal layer parameters, such as conductivity, transparency, flexibility, adhesion, roughness and others.
  • Transparent layers: Metal - silver 
  • Thickness - 30-70 nm Roughness - 2-3 nm Transparency - 65-85% Conductivity - 50 ohm/sq - 3 ohm/sq Flexible, good adhesion
  • Non-transparent layers: Metals - silver, gold, platinum           Thickness - 100-500 nm Conductivity - up to 0.1 ohm/sq             
  • Flexible, good adhesion
  • Substrates:
  • Plastic (PET, PEN, ABS, others), paper, fabrics, 2D, 3D and more.