Material Purification
CreaPhys GmbH
CreaPhys provides customized solutions in the field of thin film electronics for R&D and production scale worldwide. Within the M. Braun group, known as a provider for coating solutions and inert gas systems, CreaPhys acts as a center of competence for thin film deposition. Our portfolio ranges from single components, like deposition sources for molecular compounds (linear sources) and metals to entire customized vacuum deposition systems (e.g. cluster tools). In addition, we offer purification services for molecular compounds, purification tools for R&D or production scale as well as molecular compounds at opto-electronic grade (> 99.99%). Our proprietary QUANTIpure® technology allows the cost-efficient purification of large volumes at high throughputs for batches of multiple kilograms
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Contract Purification at CreaPhys Core competence at CreaPhys is an in-house contract manufacturing and process qualification. Our team of highly skilled researchers and technicians works with customers to develop a purification process (based on gas-phase transitions, e.g. sublimation) that can be easily scaled up to meet production demands while offering cost-effective solutions for the production of highly pure material.

  • Purification services for molecular compounds & similar substances (small molecules)
  • Ultra-high purity >99.99% (HPLC)
  • The process design includes optimization of material yield
  • Multiple purification tools - capacities starting from less than a gram up to multiple kg/batch
  • Some tools can be fully operated under an inert atmosphere to address highly sensitive materials


  • OLED/OPV/Organic Electronics
  • Semiconductor:  ALD/CVD materials, Perovskite precursor, Thin Film Batteries