Material Purification
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Contract Purification at CreaPhys Core competence at CreaPhys is an in-house contract manufacturing and process qualification. Our team of highly skilled researchers and technicians works with customers to develop a purification process (based on gas-phase transitions, e.g. sublimation) that can be easily scaled up to meet production demands while offering cost-effective solutions for the production of highly pure material.

  • Purification services for molecular compounds & similar substances (small molecules)
  • Ultra-high purity >99.99% (HPLC)
  • The process design includes optimization of material yield
  • Multiple purification tools - capacities starting from less than a gram up to multiple kg/batch
  • Some tools can be fully operated under an inert atmosphere to address highly sensitive materials


  • OLED/OPV/Organic Electronics
  • Semiconductor:  ALD/CVD materials, Perovskite precursor, Thin Film Batteries