Thin Film Deposition
CreaPhys GmbH
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CreaPhys offers process consulting in device stack design, material optimization, and prototyping. A fully integrated in-house R&D line gives you the chance to work with our expert team to find the right process for your needs and work with our equipment to test materials before making the purchasing decision. This service is offered as a standard for projects at both R&D and industrial scales.

Equipment / Methods

  • Thin-film deposition (Thermal Evaporation, E-Beam, Sputtering)
  • Glovebox integrated vacuum deposition system
  • Inert gas glovebox line with Unidirectional flow and integrated equipment
  • Dispensers
  • Surface cleaning equipment
  • Glovebox integrated wet coating via spin coating 
  • Lamination tools
  • Characterization testing equipment

Process Development Application lab includes:

  • Customized development in thin-film technology (PVD)
  • In-house process development as service