Prisma ID
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With our printed smart identification tag, the internet of things arrives in secure documents, cards, packaging and labels. prisma ID allows to verify the documents authenticity on the touchscreen of a smartphone, independently from special reading devices, anywhere, anytime. prisma ID combines digital security with consumer accessibility thereby offering an alternative to QR codes and NFC. Prismade is licensing this interactive technology to solution providers and manufacturers.

Prisma ID: secure, electronic identification tags integrated into everyday products creating unexpected and disruptive product features for many industries.

  • interactive
  • are more secure than optical recognition systems
  • lower cost than RFID and NFC
  • as thin as one layer of ink
  • can be covered by lamination or overprinting
  • does not interfere with product design
  • low-cost manufacturing, standard printing equipment
  • software development kit that upgrades web or app solutions to read Prisma ID