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Finnish growth company delivering smart IoT devices based on IOTSU® platform. What makes us different ? Our IOTSU® Flexi is a thin long-range bendable unique card and sensor unit. It is wireless and battery operated and designed for low power long range networks e.g. Sigfox and LoRaWAN. It can measure acceleration, orientation, position, temperature and other parameters. The IOTSU® Flexi can be implemented for logistics tracking, housing and real estate management and industrial solutions.
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IOTSU® Flexi brings a new industry standard for scalable tracking. IOTSU® Flexi is a flexible, plaster-like node that enables remote monitoring of assets and measurement of various parameters for a wide range of applications. The capability to measure acceleration, orientation, position and temperature levels makes it perfect for applications ranging from small asset tracking and other logistics to premium parcel services and cold-chain management. Most benefits of flexible IoT approach incl

The size of IOTSU Flexi is 40 x 100 x 4 mm which includes the electronics, antenna and an energy source packaged in a flexible enclosure. The device can be mounted by tape and is able to send information to the network for more than 1.000 times. In addition to the information provided by onboard sensors, the location of the device can be determined. The operating range for the temperature sensor is  -30 to +50C. The accelerometer has the same operating range.