Smart Textiles
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Smart Textiles are a new concept of textiles that are sensitive to external stimuli such as pressure, touch, temperature, humidity, atmosphere composition, vibration, stretching forces and are able to respond and interact, lighting up, changing colour, heating, communicating, harvesting and storing energy, etc. The common feature is a successful combination of mature technologies from textile industry such as weaving, knitting, embroidering and coating techniques with new materials such as electrical conductive yarns, piezoelectric polymers, optical fibres and functional coatings.

Field application: Smart textiles have a wide range of applications from wearables, textile-based composites, personal protective equipment, home textiles and car interiors.

Product Feature: This technology enables the integration of smart functionalities like sensors (pressure, humidity, ECG, temperature, etc.), antennas for communication, heating circuits, among others in a great variety of daily life textile products.

Added value: The main advantage of this technology is the high level of integration, which can have a significant impact on comfort sensation, design freedom and production costs.