Electroluminescent devices by printing technologie
CENTI - Center for Nanotechnology and Smart Materi
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Integrated Smart Systems
Printed lighting systems that can be integrated in different materials for decorative or informational lighting. The devices structure and construction process allows a high degree of versatility, before and/or after device finalization.

Field application: can be applied in wearables, automotive interiors (in textile or plastic substrates), flooring, walls and in several textile structures (ex: home textiles or clothing)

Product Feature: cold light, emitted by a flexible thin device, possible to produce in several shapes, geometries, sizes and colours, with a progressive degradation throughout its lifetime, in contrast to usual light sources that suffer total failure at the end of their lifetime.

Added value: seamless integration of lighting heating devices in different types of substrates, without a significant change in properties, such as, weight, flexibility or thickness.