Organic Solar Cells - Photovoltaic for interior de
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy
Customized organic solar cells modules for indoor and outdoor energy harvesting. Design freedom of A4 size elements or continous 300mm wide solar foil. Current TRL Level: TRL5
  • Value proposition: A low-cost process for high-volume production of custom-shape, thin and flexible solar modules.
  • Competitive edge: The modules can be printed to the desired shape.
  • Development phase: Proof of concept for the roll-to-roll process.
  • IP status: Proprietary know-how.
  • Offering: Material formulation, material testing, process development, online quality control, production trials, testing, and characterization.
  • R&D infrastructure: Laboratory, table-top printers, roll-to-roll machines for printing, equipment for testing and characterisation