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Smart Textiles optimized solution services:

  • Define the business and end-user problem
  • Identify the suitable textile solution following less invasive and impact solution
  • Prototype the custom made textile solution to collect the right data
  • Collaborative design of Sensing + Sending + Analyzing System, that elaborates the data effectively.
  • Optimization of the solution in production level by simplifying all stages for businesses and outcomes for end-users.

• Manufacturing process for different up-scalable e-textile systems for several applications.

• Smart Textiles which can interact with the environment/user and Electronic Textiles (e-textiles) textile sensors and or circuit systems that have flexibility, look like fabrics and can gather information, transport data and communicate with the wearer and an outside party.

• Sensor creation process from natural and conductive raw materials, multiple electronic signal sensors can be converted to textiles, such as: ECG (Electrocardiogram), EEG (Electroencephalography), Respiration rate, Oxygen saturation, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, EMG (Electromyography), Movement, Treatment with electro stimulation.

Automated knitting machines with connective software to load the program patterns. A textile engineer is programming the machine to use the approx. 2000 knitting needles to achieve the special characteristics of each garment or other knitted product part of the fabric.