Shielded Flat Flexible Cables
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We design and manufacture OEM flat flexible cables based on your requirements. 

  1. We can use different types of connectors, depending on the need. If connectors are not required, we have multiple options for the plating.
  2. The routing of the cables can include Y-sections, cross-sections.
  3. The branding of the cable can be customized depending on your need. These can include customer info, QR-codes and serial numbers.
  4. There are several substrate materials to choose from, such as PET, Polyimide, bio-based and others.
  5. Bending of the cables is the best feature of flat flexible cables. We can also include pre-formed bends in the cables.
Shielded Flat Flexible Cables and harnesses. Connectors, components and graphics etc. can be added. Connectorless designs are available for cases with high integration level.

A printed 7 Layer Shielded Flat Flexible Cable (SFFC). 

  • Technology: etching, screen printing, ALD 
  • The cable is composed of 7 layers (including 4 layers above the PET substrate such as the copper conductors, insulator, silver top shielding and a top coating and 2 layers below the PET substrate which are the silver bottom shielding and a bottom coating)
  • 17mm wide and measures ~175μm in thickness
  • 150⁰C
  • The contact pad areas with stiffeners are 0.3mm thick.
  • Coatings: insulators, graphics, foils