Green inks
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We offer functional and environmentally friendly printed inks already available in LEITAT for innovative flexible and smart wearable electronics applications such as: electrodes for printed batteries, printed solar cells (OPV, PSC), RFID/NFC antennas, electrochromic and/or electrowetting devices to be integrated in textile, paper, packaging, automotive, building, and/or energy industrial processes.

Green conductive flexible printing inks already available with low sheet resistivity (<20mW/sq/ 25µm), and no modification of electrical conductivity neither plastic deformation of polymeric film samples observed for strains <8% (UNE-EN ISO 527-3/AC:2002). Applications on flexible substrates such as polymeric films (PET, PC), textiles (woven, knitted, nonwoven), laminates, paper/cardboard, and leather are possible. Industrial sectors: textile, paper, packaging, automotive, and energy sectors.