LAB-2-FAB Services
InnovationLab is a one-stop shop for printed electronics. We provide the development of integrated sensor solutions and accomany our clients up to the industrial production of customized products. Due to high-throughput Roll-to-Roll production lines, basically any demand can be met. Thus, supported by strong partners from both academia and industry, we create unprecedented printed technology and turn the latest science into mass products. - From LAB2FAB with high quality at low prices.
Transport/Automotive Textile Printing and graphic arts Packaging/Logistics Ligthing Health Environment Energy Consumer electronics Building & architecture
[PRINT] Screen printing / R2R [PRINT] Gravure Printing / R2R [PRINT] Flexo Printing / R2R [PRINT] Other [INSPECTION] Electrical testing / R2R
[TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Manufacturing prototyping [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Manufacturing concept validation [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Product and manufacturing demonstration [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Technology concept assessment/benchmarking
Electronics & Components Integrated Smart Systems
InnovationLab (iL) has an extensive range of capabilities, including initial research, product development, prototyping and pilot production. External companies can partner with iL at any stage of the product development process, ranging from a first idea to a fully functional printed prototype. iL closely collaborates with Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG, who have recently invested in a R2R printing machine for printed electronics, thus offering extensive manufacturing capabilities .
  • development and assessment of individual sensor solutions
  • adjustment of existing sensor technologies according to your requirements
  • development of novel sensor technologies and sensor systems
  • design, development and production of hardware and software and cloud systems
  • data analysis using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence
  • rapid prototyping