Hybridization Technology
We are electronic circuit manufacturers and electromechanical equipment assemblers since 1997. Pioneers in offering EMS solutions including electromechanical equipment, from design to delivery. We could do the assembly of SMD components in flexible foils, a critical step in the overall SE process. As experts in the electronic assembly of industrial products.
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Electronics & Components Integrated Smart Systems Flexible Displays
Electrolomas can develop specific hybridization technology, validating materials to be used for electromechanical soldering at low temperature, and a process to Pick & Place SMD components at large scale on flexible foils. We can deliver hybridized foils to be thermoformed and overmoulded.

We offer experience testing hybridization of different kind of foils, applying the better passing materials for soldering, and getting the right temperature level. ISO 9001 and 13485


  • Flexible: Polyimide (up to 250⁰) and PET (up to 160-180⁰)
  • Rigid: FR4 multilayer
  • Conductive silver inks
  • Circuit measurements: from 48x48mm to 774x710mm
  • Components measurements: from 0402mm (01005”) to 74x74mm. Including BGA, WIFI and Bluetooth modules and fine pitch.
  • Machine Speed: 35.000 components/hour