Wearable diagnostic patch
CSEM Muttenz
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Integrated Smart Systems
The CSEM's wearable diagnostic patch platform consists of a mobile, flexible, easy to handle well-being monitoring sensor/platform for in- and out-usage. For instance, the oxi-PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) monitoring oxygenation sensor) is allowing early detection of PAD, assessment of early interventions (like drug treatment), real-time assessment of surgical interventions, monitoring after surgical interventions and possibly home-care monitoring.

Name : Flexible and wearable diagnostic patches

Substrate material : PET, KAPTON, …

Conductive Ink formulation : Ag, Au, Pt, Carbon-paste

Printed features typical size : 30-100 um

Minimum bending radius : 2-3 cm

Expected maximum bending cycles : 10000

Application case : Wearable (flexible) electronics