Liquid Phase Deposition
Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Elec
The Fraunhofer FEP offers its clients the development of processes and technologies for efficient and cost-effective manufactoring of innovative OLED lighting, OPV and OPD solutions. Typical jobs involve client-specific layout and fabrication of OLED demonstration samples for investigating new fields of application, stacked-layer development and efficiency increases for OLEDs, as well as evaluation of barrier films and other materials for flexible organic electronics.
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At the Fraunhofer FEP, various liquid-phase deposition processes are used and further developed. For this, versatile process equipment is available in two clean rooms (ISO 4): a screen printing tool, a slot-die coater as well as various spin coaters in ambient air and inert Nitrogen atmosphere. Among standard processes are the production of grid anode structures, passivation layers, as well as of hole-injection and hole-transport layers for use in organic semiconductor devices.

Slot-Die-Coater (nTact): semi-automated, 200mm width, ambient conditions, polar and non-polar solvents

Screen Printer: automated, 370×470mm², ambient or nitrogen conditions

Spin Coater (EVG): fully automated, 200mm wafer, polar and non-polar solvents

Spin/Spray Coater (Brewer): semi-automated, 200mm, processing of orthogonal photo chemicals

Spin Coater (Laurell): semi-automated, nitrogen atmosphere, 200mm, aqua-free solvent

Dispenser: semi-automated, nitrogen atmosphere, 200×200mm², aqua-free solvent