R2R vacuum deposition
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The Fraunhofer FEP offers its clients the development of processes and technologies for efficient and cost-effective fabrication of innovative organic electronic solutions in Roll-to-Roll (R2R). In addition to the production of OLEDs, our highly innovative processes and equipment also enable the manufacture of a wide range of other components and layers.


  • 50-300mm web width
  • Metal strips up to 500μm
  • Polymer webs 50- 500μm
  • Ultra-thin flexible glass 50-100μm
  • Process speed 0.01-1m/min
  • Liner film protection of substrates
  • Inert transfer between systems

Tool configuration

  • 14 linear evaporators (1 triple, 4 double, 3 single)
  • 2 metal thermal evaporation sources
  • Magnetron for metal- and reactive metal oxide sputtering
  • Temperature controlled deposition drum for substrate pre-treatment (heating or cooling) during deposition