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iHandU is first real time objective rigidity evaluation solution, providing an assessment of motor rigidity in Parkinson's disease patients. It is a non-invasive wearable hand device, that is ergonomically suited in the patient’s hand to classify wrist rigidity. Our machine learning algorithms process data related to rigidity and dynamic tremor in-situ providing real-time information.

The current prototype of iHandU is now being clinically tested in:

- The intra-operative setting of Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries to support surgeons to optimise the position of the electrodes, to improve the therapy in Parkinson's disease. 

Moreover, our pipeline of testing includes:

- The support of the Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) and the assessment of Acute Levodopa Challenge Test (LDCT)

- The pharmacologic assess of drugs 

- Ambulatory monitoring / Telemedicine