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Insignals is developing wearable wireless devices to precisely measure wrist rigidity to help surgeons place brain implants more accurately during surgery. Frontier IP Group Plc has unveiled its third Portuguese spin out, Insignals Neurotech.
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iHandU is first real time objective rigidity evaluation solution, providing an assessment of motor rigidity in Parkinson's disease patients. It is a non-invasive wearable hand device, that is ergonomically suited in the patient’s hand to classify wrist rigidity. Our machine learning algorithms process data related to rigidity and dynamic tremor in-situ providing real-time information.

The current prototype of iHandU is now being clinically tested in:

- The intra-operative setting of Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries to support surgeons to optimise the position of the electrodes, to improve the therapy in Parkinson's disease. 

Moreover, our pipeline of testing includes:

- The support of the Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) and the assessment of Acute Levodopa Challenge Test (LDCT)

- The pharmacologic assess of drugs 

- Ambulatory monitoring / Telemedicine