R2R Printing
GUARRO produce recyclable range of paper substrate for printed electronics (Powercoat) and launch intelligent papers products with R2R printed RFID antennas (Alive). With a strong R&D expertise, GUARRO acquired a long experience in functional printing since 2010 and continuously work on the next gen of smart paper products dealing with sensors, electrochromic displays and printed batteries. GUARRO is the ideal partner to upscale printed electronics devices from prototypes to R2R pilot scale.
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We offer functional printing on paper and plastic substrates. Thanks to its R2R 4 heads industrial flexo line Guarro can help you bringing to the market innovative products using printed electronics technology. With a deep knowledge of printed components such as RFID antenna, sensors, electrochromic dispalys or printed batteries we will help you to upscale your prototype from lab to pilot scale.

Strong R&D expertise in circuit design, RFID antennas, sensors, electrochromic displays, batteries, EMI shielding.

S2S Screen printing and R2R flexo (1 head) trials at lab scale to adapt process, inks and sintering before pilot scale.

Industrial flexo line:

- Speed up to 40 m/min

- Width: typical 350mm (up to 1000mm)

- Conductive, dielectric and functional inks

- 4 printing heads

- 1 X NIR sintering

- 2 x UV-LED curing

- Hot air tunnel

- Camera vision system for registration and quality control