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Prospects for numerous microfluidic services are the company’s growing product portfolio around a reliable micro-pump, which enables miniaturized devices for the life sciences and analyzing devices, like small lightweight body attached autonomous analyzers and other instrumentation. Additionally, laminating, milling and 3D printing of multi layered microfluidic structures enables ven the most complex prototypes for your application.

The peristaltic micropumps come at controllable flowrates between 150 nl/min up to 1700 µl/min depending on the pump type.

The microfluidic connectors are available for 0.5 mm inner diameter tubing and can connect up to 4 different fluid / gas paths. Any number of contacts can be generated with rapid prototyping measures.

Microfluidic chip technology enable stacked fluid and gas paths with minimum channel hights of

- 400 µm for 3D printed parts

-   75 µm for laminated parts