[SMART TEXTILES] Printed electronics on fabrics and TPU [SMART TEXTILES] Fibre placement technology [SMART TEXTILES] Stretchable interconnection [SMART TEXTILES] Textile surface functionalisation [WEARABLE] Print on stretchable films (e.g. TPU)
[TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Product prototyping (TRL 4)
Electronics & Components Integrated Smart Systems
Textile Sports Health
Soft-electronics. Design and integration of technology into textile fabrics for interactive and functional properties for applications within health, sport and "fashion". Conceptual design for prototyping solutions and functional fabrics through smart textiles, ergonomics and aesthetics.
  • Examples:
  • Safety in garments by utilizing electroluminescent printed light technology
  • Interactive T-shirt with capacitive sensors and hybridized LEDs to play with it and stimulate the memory at the same time.
  • Wireless insole for gait analysis monitoring based on flexible pressure sensors.