The Functional Printing & Embedded Devices Department at Eurecat specializes in the formulation and deposition of materials, printed electronics, and conventional electronics. The department adds functionality to rigid and flexible surfaces and to objects through the following techniques: - Thin-film device printing. - Electronic hybridization in printed circuits. - Deposition of functional coatings. - Integration of tailor-made sensors and monitoring electronics.
Printing and graphic arts Health Consumer electronics
[PRINT] Screen printing / S2S [PRINT] Inkjet flex Printing / S2S [ASSEMBLY] Low mix assembly (SMD, bare die, foils) / S2S
[TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Product prototyping (TRL 4) [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Product Concept validation (TRL 5) [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Manufacturing prototyping [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Manufacturing concept validation [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Product and manufacturing demonstration
Integrated Smart Systems
Eurecat has capabilities regarding print different kind of biosensors as well as ion-selective electrodes

Eurecat has the facilities and the capabilities to design, print, characterize and validate different kind of sensors, biosensors and ion-selective electrodes especially used in healthcare devices as well in points of care.