Institute for Print and Media Technology | TU Chem
Institute for Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology is an expert in applying of conventional mass printing processes for developing of printed electronics. The expertise ranges from mass printed single electronic components to fully integrated circuits on flexible substrates as well as development of functional inks and surfaces. The research work of pmTUC focuses also on the development of hybrid techniques, such as printed solar cells and printed supercapacitors.
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We offer R2R printing machines for various printing and drying (UV, infrared) processes.

Modell: LaborMAN I / II

Materials: all liquid and pasty materials (e.g. silver, PEDOT, etc.)

Substrates: thin films, paper, etc.


  • width up to 140 mm possible, length - unlimited
  • printing speed up to 10 m/s (depends on material)