Flexible Solar Cell
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ZOEK focuses on cost-effective, conformable, and flexible components made by printing. As a technology transfer institute, our scope is to advance technology from the lab to the demonstrator level. In R&D projects to come within the scope of SmartEEs 2, we can efficiently support you with our hands-on experience in the field of printed electronics. We offer a flexible and fast development of new innovative demonstrators and related processes for fabrication and integration into textiles.

Flexible Solar Cell Demonstrator

Thin conformable solar cell module (3 x 3 in²)

Substrates: 50 µm ultra-thin glass substrate

Materials: polymer & perovskite based

Specs: for perovskite module - efficiency 10%, 4,7 V, 12,8 mW/cm2 (under 1 Sun)

Features: area 56 cm², thinness 100 µm including encapsulation