Zentrum für organische Elektronik (ZOEK) gGmbH
The ZOEK is a non-profit research organization focusing on cost-effective, conformable, and flexible components made by printing. We are an integral part of COPT Centre for Organic Electronics in Cologne, Germany, being your partner when it comes to public funded projects or contract research. As a technology transfer institute, our scope is to advance technology from the lab to the demonstrator level. Within SmartEEs, we can efficiently support you with our hands-on experience.
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We offer Atomic Force Microscopy of surfaces.


A) AIST-NT Inc.–SmartSPM

B) Asylum Research–MFP 3D


A) size max. 40 x 50 mm², max. thickness 15 mm, contact, semi-contact, non-contact, phase imaging, lateral force, magnetic force, Kelvin probe, piezo response, nanolithography

B) size max. 80 x 80 mm2, max. thickness 10 mm, scan area max. 90 x 90 µm², contact & non-contact, topography, phase contrast, friction contrast, potential contrast, local conductivity, Kelvin probe, magnetic force, high voltage module, heating / cooling module