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Zentrum für organische Elektronik (ZOEK) gGmbH
The ZOEK is a non-profit research organization focusing on cost-effective, conformable, and flexible components made by printing. We are an integral part of COPT Centre for Organic Electronics in Cologne, Germany, being your partner when it comes to public funded projects or contract research. As a technology transfer institute, our scope is to advance technology from the lab to the demonstrator level. Within SmartEEs, we can efficiently support you with our hands-on experience.
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Electronics & Components
We offer a 3D printer for rapid prototyping.

Materials: proprietary material provided by Alphacam

Limits: black or white materials, rigid and rubbery materials, and transparent material.

All materials can be combined with each other and so their properties by printing two materials at once.

255 x 252 x 200 mm3 (B x T x H) ,

horizontal layer thickness 16 µm in high quality mode, accuracy 20 - 85 µm for structures under 50 mm, wall thickness around 0,6 mm