Forming of 3D-Geometry
Fraunhofer IVV
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The Fraunhofer IVV offer various processes and technologies for the production of three-dimensional components. Through the application-oriented use of heating and forming technologies, we are able to influence the forming process in a controlled manner and thus minimize the strain on the component, which is necessary when using ductile pastes or attached components. This enables new geometries and functionalization.

Offering includes the production of 3D-components for a wide range of application and technologies:

  • Manufacturers of products with 2D or 3D forming
  • Forming the materials: paper, plastic or their combination with electrical conductors and components
  • Use of different technologies to influence the local strain, e. g. partial contact heaters, radiation heater and directed-air-flow 
  • Different measuring systems for the monitoring and analysis of the temperature, forming speed or local strain