Textile Functionalization
Saxon Textile Research Institute
[PRINT] Screen printing / S2S [PRINT] Inkjet flex Printing / S2S [LASER] Other [SMART TEXTILES] Printed electronics on fabrics and TPU [SMART TEXTILES] Textile surface functionalisation
[R&D PROJECT / TECHNO TRANSFER / CONTRACT RESEARCH] Proof of concept (TRL3: Critical Function or Proof of Concept Established). [R&D PROJECT / TECHNO TRANSFER / CONTRACT RESEARCH] Specific R&D contract research [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Product prototyping (TRL 4) [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Manufacturing prototyping [PROVIDER OF TECH INFRASTRUCTURE] Access to Lab facilities and services
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- formulating and compounding (hotmelts, waterbased inks and pastes, 100% systems (Silicone, PVC, ...) UV-cureable pastes - material characterisation impregnation (padding) - printing (flat bed screen, microvalve, inkjet, 3D-printing) - coating (knife (direct, indirect), reverse roll, slot die (hotmelt and waterbased dispersions) - laser treatment (UV, IR) - lamination (hotmelt and dispersion adhesive) - drying and UV-LED curing (365 nm, 395 nm, N2-inertisation) - R2R up

- R2R coating, padding up to 0.5 m width, 5 m/min, stenter 230 °C, UV-curing

- R2R padding and stenter up to 2 m, 20 m/min

- R2R hotmelt coating up to 0.8 m, up to 20 m/min

- R2R microvalve printing around 0.5 m to 1.0 m (depends)

- flatbed inkjet 1.2 m x1.2 m (CMYK + X)

- 3D printing on textiles (0.7 m x 0.7 m and 1 m x 1 m)

- screen printing (A3 size)

- lamination up to 0.8 m

- thermoplastic compounder (two screw system), up to 300 °C, solid and liquid dosing units, water-cooling, pelletizing, filament