Laser process development
Bergfeld Lasertech GmbH
All about laser processing on functional surfaces and films - process development - samples - rental systems - prototypes - consulting
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[LASER] Laser ablation / S2S [LASER] Laser ablation / R2R [INSPECTION] Optical inspection / S2S [SMART TEXTILES] Additive manufacturing
[STRATEGY RDI] Technology road mapping and alignment [R&D PROJECT / TECHNO TRANSFER / CONTRACT RESEARCH] Proof of concept (TRL3: Critical Function or Proof of Concept Established). [R&D PROJECT / TECHNO TRANSFER / CONTRACT RESEARCH] Specific R&D contract research [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Product prototyping (TRL 4) [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Manufacturing prototyping
Laser process development and prototyping
  • Laser process development
  • Laser contract manufacturing
  • Development of optical systems and assemblies
  • Development of test systems, prototypes and laboratory setups
  • Expertise on laser safety
  • Support in planning of production systems