Cond-elastic Textile Tape
Development of smart textiles with sensory and actuator functions. Integration of the systems in clothing, medical applications, automotive technology and other industries. Combination of sensor-related electronics on elastic base materials with elastic, washable connection technology. Integration of electronic circuits in these elastic systems such as position sensors, harvester electronics, RFID systems and communication technology, etc.
Textile Sports Energy
[SMART TEXTILES] Stretchable interconnection [WEARABLE] Stretchable devices
[R&D PROJECT / TECHNO TRANSFER / CONTRACT RESEARCH] Proof of concept (TRL3: Critical Function or Proof of Concept Established). [TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SCALE UP] Product and manufacturing demonstration
Electronics & Components Integrated Smart Systems
An elastic, conductive tape was developed that maintains constant resistance even when stretched. Due to the high flexibility, elasticity and assembly in connection with electrical properties, applications in the field of smart textiles are almost unlimited. They can be used e.g. as supply cables for the power supply or as a line for data transmission.

cond-elastic textile tape

  • Cable for power supply
  • Cable for data transmission
  • Constistent resistance when stretched
    • Resistance per meter: 2,8 Ohm/m
    • max. stretch/extension: ca. 70 %
  • material composition:
    • textile: PES / Lycra
    • wire: conductive yarn (Lycra / copper)