Photonic Soldering Service
The Functional Printing & Embedded Devices Department at Eurecat specializes in the formulation and deposition of materials, printed electronics, and conventional electronics. The department adds functionality to rigid and flexible surfaces and to objects through the following techniques: - Thin-film device printing. - Electronic hybridization in printed circuits. - Deposition of functional coatings. - Integration of tailor-made sensors and monitoring electronics.
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Electronics & Components
Photonic soldering service for customers who want to solder by this new way. Interesting for printed electronics made on substrates with low heat resistance.

NOVACENTRIX PulseForge 1200 equipment. Ideal for use with flexible, low-temperature substrates including polymers and paper. Can be used with nano and micron-scale ink materials.Processing times <<1 millisecond. Capable of processing depositions >30 microns.