Energy Harvesting Design
AMIRES s.r.o
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[R&D PROJECT / TECHNO TRANSFER / CONTRACT RESEARCH] Technology concept development (TRL 2) [R&D PROJECT / TECHNO TRANSFER / CONTRACT RESEARCH] Proof of concept (TRL3: Critical Function or Proof of Concept Established).
Integrated Smart Systems
Textile Sports Energy
Energy Harvesting development for Smart Wearables. The service consists of the development of low-frequency vibration energy harvesters to improve the autonomy of smart wearables. The developments may concern human or animal movements. The energy harvester will be designed and optimized from acceleration data. A TRL4  proof of concept will be provided at the end of the service.

Technical specifications of the energy harvesters:
- Dedicated to low-frequency vibrations (<20Hz)
- Size of the energy harvester : 10-20cm³
- Output powers: 1mW-10mW

Results: TRL4 Proof of Concept of Low-Frequency Vibration Energy Harvesters for Smart Wearables applications

Applications: Sport equipment manufacturers
Smart wearables for sport applications
Sport Monitoring