TNO's Virtual Tour
Take a tour through TNO's Labs in Eindhoven and learn more about technologies that can be used for printed and flexible electronics.
Skills & Training

NO’s Hybrid Printed Electronics facilities are in Eindhoven at the “High Tech Campus”. The flexible, stretchable and Structural Electronics facilities are dedicated to the development and characterization of printed electronics functionals and are embedded in an ecosystem of large companies (e.g. Philips, Signify), SMEs (e.g. Bambi Medical, LifeSense) and start-ups (High tech XL). By sharing each other’s network, facilities and know-how the High-Tech Campus is pinpointed as the “smartest square kilometre in the world” with a patent generation each 20 min. Visit their installations using the Virtual Tour at

António Marques
22. 12. 2021 21:40