In-Mold Electronics
Trend Towards Integrated Electronics to Drive In-Mold Electronics (IME) Market to $1.5bn by 2032, Reports IDTechEx

In-Mold Electronics 2022-2032: Technology, Market Forecasts, Players" is the new report from IDTechEx that covers this disruptive manufacturing methodology to produce 3D interfaces that are both decorative and functional. It discusses the manufacturing methodologies (including competing technologies), material requirements, applications, and challenges associated with IME in considerable detail. 10-year market forecasts by application sector, expressed as both revenue and IME panel area, are provided, along with the associated material opportunities. Also included are multiple application prototype examples and multiple company profiles based on interviews with early-stage and established companies. Further details can be found at


Jana Mwangi
24. 9. 2021 10:12