Global Market for FE
The Global Market for Flexible and Printed Electronics 2021-2031

Flexible electronics encompasses lightweight, flexible and electronic sensing components and electronic devices built on stretchable substrates that are utilized in sensors, displays, wearables, E-textiles etc. They are manufactured on flexible plastic substrates, paper, textiles, or thin glass. Printed electronics is often considered a subset of the flexible electronics sector. It refers to the method used to create electronic devices by printing them on various (flexible) substrates.

Report contents include:

  • Current and developmental flexible and printed electronics based products.
  • Manufacturing and processes for flexible organic & printed electronics
  • Advanced materials utilized in flexible and printed electronics. Materials covered include
    • conductive inks materials.
    • carbon nanotubes.
    • graphene.
    • organic semiconductors.
    • semiconducting perovskites.
    • conductive polymers.
    • metal mesh.
    • silver ink (flake, nanoparticles, nanowires).
    • copper ink.
    • various metal and metal oxide nanoparticles.
    • 2D materials.
    • nanofibers.
    • nanocellulose.
    • quantum dots.
    • graphene quantum dots.
    • perovskite quantum dots.
    • metamaterials.
    • MicroLEDs.
    • functional inorganic inks. 
  • Market analysis including applications, products, companies and global revenues, forecast to 2031. Markets covered include
    • wearables (smartwatches, sports & fitness trackers, sleep trackers & wearable monitors, smart glasses, workplace monitoring).
    • medical & healthcare sensors & wearables.
    • electronic textiles and smart apparel. 
    • energy storage, generation & harvesting.
    • lighting.
    • flexible and printed displays.
    • automotive. 
    • Other cross-cutting markets including automation, smart buildings, agriculture, Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent & smart packaging, AR/VR displays, 3D printing etc. 
  • Profiles of over 550 producers and product developers. Companies profiled  include CHASM, Nanosys, PragmatIC, Jabil, Henkel,  DuPont Teijin Films, Metamaterial Technologies Inc., Evonik, Saule Technologies, TactoTek, Optomec,  Omniply Technologies, E Ink, Ynvisible Interactive Inc., SmartKem and many more. Full list of companies profiled in table of contents.

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