PrintoCent InnoFest 2021
To boost ideation and business around printed intelligence, PrintoCent Community will host already the 7th PrintoCent InnoFest in Oulu, Finland.

REGISTRATION is now open for PrintoCent InnoFest 2021

PrintoCent InnoFest, around Printed Intelligence offers once again the chance for 20 international teams to develop their ideas on printed products or services.

Welcoming developers, designers, multidisciplinary innovators, startups, industry partners, brands, students, investors and media to learn more about printed intelligence and activities around PrintoCent. 

Like previous years, also this 7th PrintoCent InnoFest will be hosted in Oulu on 9.-10.9.2021 (remote connection will be possible  too).

To participate in the competition, you need to bring a novel idea and have a skilled team, or you can come as a free ideator and we’ll match you with a team. To support the competitors, we’ll provide world class technical experts from VTT, Oulu based universities, other research institutions and companies to guide you and to embrace the most potential aspects of your ideation. Moreover, the fresh student minds from the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences will be available to strengthen your team composition. More info: PrintoCent webpage

 Register to the event from the PrintoCent InnoFest webpage or via this LINK.

Plese note, we’ll be hosting max. 20 teams and 100 persons and the registration closes 2.9.2021. We’ll confirm your idea/team acceptance within a week of your registration. The event is free of charge, yet you need to cover your own travel and accommodation costs, we’ll provide more info on a hotel with an agreed discount.

You can also provide your expertise by becoming an expert/a team member in one of the 20 competing teams or staff, then register via this LINK.

 For additional inspiration while waiting for the actual event, you can download the most comprehensive PrintoCent Handbook for free via this link:

Jana Mwangi
7. 6. 2021 21:21