Webinar “Biosensors"
Webinar “Printed Sensors and Biosensors” by EURECAT

Are you interested in Printed Sensors and Biosensors products? Don’t miss the webinar on May 26th at 11:30 CEST, organised by EURECAT in the framework of the SmartEEs2 project.

In this webinar two basic printed sensors to meet this challenge are presented: colorimetric and electrochemical devices. It will be also shown the process development involved in sensors’ design, detection methods and fabrication methodologies all based in scalable automated printing techniques such as screen-printing, inkjet-printing, spray-coating and slot-die.

Register at: https://www.tfaforms.com/4903188

More info: https://eurecat.org/en/services/eurecatevents/webinar-printed-sensors-and-biosensors/ 

Jana Mwangi
30. 5. 2021 12:21