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The course on September 8, 2021 will be held at the venue of the Swiss ePrint Conference in Buchs.
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The course on September 8, 2021 will be held at the venue of the Swiss ePrint Conference in Buchs. Participants of this FSRM course wishing to ALSO participate at the Swiss ePrint conference may do so with the special conference fee of CHF 400.- (regular price = CHF 590.-).

*** When registering for the course (link to the right of this page), please mention in the comments that you would like to register for both the conference and the course.

Since the discovery of organic materials with conducting properties, about three decades ago, organic optoelectronics has evolved into a dynamic field of applied research and industrialization. Due to their outstanding material properties compared to traditional inorganic semiconductors, organic semiconductors are anticipated to impact strongly on the future development of semiconductor technology. For example, polymer semiconductor devices are mechanically flexible, comparatively easy to process at low-cost allowing customer-designed manufacturing. A bright future is forecasted for organic LEDs. Various applications ranging from organic displays, organic solid-state-lighting, to integrated sensor systems are expected to produce a huge impact on our future daily life. In this lecture a survey on organic optoelectronics will be presented by exposing the participant to the basics of organic-LEDs, -photodetectors, -field-effect transistors and their combination to integrated systems. The device physics and required production technologies like screen-, ink-jet-, gravure-printing of polymeric semiconductors materials will be discussed in the context of potential future applications and markets.

The course addresses a technologically interested audience coming from industry as well as from universities.


  • Introduction to organic semiconductor material classes
  • Basic building blocks of organic optoelectronics: Organic LEDs- Organic photodiodes - Organic transistors
  • Degradation of organic semiconductor devices
  • Production technologies of polymeric semiconductor materials
  • Organic optoelectronic systems: Organic displays - LogoLEDTM - Integrated organic systems
  • Potential future applications of organic optoelectronics
  • Market outlook

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24. 2. 2021 02:16