Vision Paper
Vision Paper on the role and impact of “Functional Electronics” on the transition towards a circular economy

To build European leadership at global level, the EU needs to increase significantly the demonstration & large-scale deployment of new technologies across sectors and across the single market, building new innovative value chains. Being in the midst of two crucial transformations (green & digital), the EU should mobilize research and foster innovation for maximising the synergies. Being transversal enablers and differentiators of Europe’s digital transformation, it is essential to understand the role and impacts of functional electronics for simultaneously accelerating the transition towards a circular economy while proving a global net beneficial effect on climate change mitigation.

This Vision Paper is a result of the 5E project that reinforces collaboration and outreach of the electronics industry across Europe and supports its stakeholders in seizing opportunities.

Jana Mwangi
14. 12. 2020 13:01