Ergonomic Insole for Shoes
Ergonomic insole for shoes corrects the minor defects in walking that all users have by wrapping the foot and offering safety in the step.

Flexible FENPS case that was submitted to SmartEEs team for application experiment and to AMIRES for SME coaching was successfully accomplished and finally developed by ALFAIOT! It provides security for the elderly by encouraging them to be active thanks to a flexible and comfortable gel insole. A non-intrusive system with various sensors that are placed inside the shoes of elderly people allows the user’s activity to be monitored and incident alerts to be transmitted. The qualities that stand out are the flexibility, ergonomics and waterproofing of its electronics, all of which are of great value to the user, his safety and the satisfaction of our customers. In addition, the technology developed can be easily incorporated into the orthopedic insoles required by patients. Watch the result: 

Flexible FENPS - ALPHA IOT from Sensei Multimedia on Vimeo.

Jana Mwangi
30. 11. 2020 22:43