Exploitation plan
Enrope is a consulting company supporting SME and MidCap in the development and funding of their innovations, to accelerate and secure market release. We are senior consultants with a 15 years’ experience of innovation and ICT, in a high-growth SME, a large group and a consulting company. We helped many projects get a grant and manage a EU project (H2020, FP7, ECSEL, FCH…). We are used to challenge the full strategy to maximize the impacts of innovation.
[Diagnosis transformation] - Digital transformation strategy [Diagnosis transformation] - Understand your market & Get relevant positionning [Diagnosis transformation] - Review of company Mission Vision Strategy [Diagnosis transformation] - Innovation oriented training & coaching [Product Trajectory] - Product development & Roadmap [Product Trajectory] - Supply chain business processes [Product Trajectory] - Global Supply chain networks
[Access to Funding] - Connection to public funding sources [Access to Funding] - Connection to private funding sources [Access to Funding] - Investment plans and resources allocation plan [Access to Funding] - Creating consortia [Access to Funding] - Development of proposals [Access to Funding] - Innovation booster (incubator/accelerator) [Access to Funding] - Pitching in front of customers or investors
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In SMARTEES, we prepare exploitation plans with Innovative Companies and support their implementation. We bring a business perspective at all steps of the innovation development. We analyse the market (size, trends, value chain, competition…), refine strategic positioning, evaluate environmental impacts, re-inforce distribution and influence strategy, set up funding strategies (public and private).